Exploring The Rock of Gibraltar

Being Canadian means that Gibraltar isn’t a common destination for me. When you think of somewhere to go on your next vacation, Gibraltar isn’t a place that makes the top of my list. Continue reading “Exploring The Rock of Gibraltar”

My To-Do List for a Day in Edinburgh

While I was in the United Kingdom, I stayed 5 days in Edinburgh. It was my first visit in this city frozen in the 17th century, and it won’t be my last. I really enjoyed my time and I couldn’t help myself but being in awe by the forever lasting architecture. Everything there had me taking out my camera every step I made. Continue reading “My To-Do List for a Day in Edinburgh”

1st Month Out of 3 : My European Journey

What. A. Month.

I can’t believe it has already been 30 days that I’m in Europe. It went sooo¬†fast! It seems to me that it was only a few days ago that I left the comfort of my house, of my bed, and that I left my family behind to see a part of Europe that I had yet to discover. Continue reading “1st Month Out of 3 : My European Journey”

The Making of Harry Potter : A Dream Come True

I could barely contain my excitement! I was finally queuing to go to the Warner Bros. Studio to have a glimpse of the making of Harry Potter. Continue reading “The Making of Harry Potter : A Dream Come True”

What I Did Wrong on My First Long-Term Trip

Let’s say it : I’ve made a lot of mistakes.

Back in 2014, I was 19. I had never been in Europe and it was my first travel without my parents. I had never slept in a dorm room, Continue reading “What I Did Wrong on My First Long-Term Trip”

From Eastbourne to the Seven Sisters

Brighton – where I currently am – is surrounded by the South Downs National Park. Surely I would be pleased by one of the many hikes offered. One full of charming villages, of amazing landscapes, of animals. I started to look on Google, and one always popped up : Beachy Head. Continue reading “From Eastbourne to the Seven Sisters”