Exploring The Rock of Gibraltar

Being Canadian means that Gibraltar isn’t a common destination for me. When you think of somewhere to go on your next vacation, Gibraltar isn’t a place that makes the top of my list. Continue reading “Exploring The Rock of Gibraltar”

Being a Picky Eater Sucks

If you are a picky eater just like me, and if you’re as obsessed about travels as I am, you know that it truly sucks.

Everytime I look on blogs, pinterest, travel books or google to search about a new destination, to learn more about what to expect, and what to do, there is a section call¬†what to eat.¬† Continue reading “Being a Picky Eater Sucks”

My First Blog Post : About Me, My Plans And My Blog

Welcome to My Postcard Subsitute !

It has been a while that I’m thinking about launching my own travel blog. I’ve travelled a bit in the past few years and I’m now ready to share with you my experiences and a few tips that I’ve learned Continue reading “My First Blog Post : About Me, My Plans And My Blog”