Worst Hostel I’ve Ever Stayed In

Aykibom Hostel, Lisbon.

Yes, I dropped the bomb already in case you don’t read until the end of this post. At least you know which hostel I advise you not to book. Unless you’re really desperate! That’s up to you. Continue reading “Worst Hostel I’ve Ever Stayed In”

What I Did Wrong on My First Long-Term Trip

Let’s say it : I’ve made a lot of mistakes.

Back in 2014, I was 19. I had never been in Europe and it was my first travel without my parents. I had never slept in a dorm room, Continue reading “What I Did Wrong on My First Long-Term Trip”

My First Blog Post : About Me, My Plans And My Blog

Welcome to My Postcard Subsitute !

It has been a while that I’m thinking about launching my own travel blog. I’ve travelled a bit in the past few years and I’m now ready to share with you my experiences and a few tips that I’ve learned Continue reading “My First Blog Post : About Me, My Plans And My Blog”