What I Miss From Home

For those who have been following me since the beginning, you know it has been more than two months that I’m on the road now.

While I love being away, traveling through Europe and adventuring out of my comfort zone, I also miss some things from home. Of course, there are also things that I don’t miss at all and that I’m relieved I don’t have to pay anymore.

So I’ve been thinking at everytime I said that I’m missing this or that. And here’s the list that came out of it.


Poutine guys, poutine! This is definitely a national dish that I’m missing right now and I’m craving for one. I would love to do one where I am now, but sadly I can’t: the cheese needed isn’t available anywhere but in Canada, and the gravy is also different from what I can find in supermarkets in Europe.

There is plenty of food to try and I’m making the most of it – probably more than I should – but there’s nothing like a national dish that can’t be found anywhere else but in your country, whatever it is.

I’ve been looking for maple syrup in Spain too, and it doesn’t seem to be very popular there either. I can’t wait to dip my crepe in it – I am mouth-watering just thinking about it.


This one is obvious and it also goes with food. I miss having brunch with my parents on a Saturday morning. I do talk to them every week, but seeing them is different. Hugging them tight is different. I miss speaking with movies or songs’ lyrics with my sister and her spontaneous jumps to my house.

Honestly, I do not miss people easily. Still, there are some particularities in some relationships that can’t be transmitted over Skype or Messenger or whatever social media. And I miss those.

The comfort of my bed

This one is also obvious. Staying for three months in some creepy hostels isn’t doing good for my back and I do feel rusted. My hips were aching more than once and I experienced troubles to sleep. Waking up at 4:00 am is a huge problem when you know you have a big day ahead of you.

So yes, I do miss the comfort of my bed.

A decent Internet connection

Pretty much everywhere I went I had complications to reach some websites like blablacar or travel blogs or even to connect on Netflix. Of course, this is an inconvenient of staying in hostels and I am okay with that because I know that it won’t be a problem for much longer. But I can’t wait to return with a more decent Internet connection.

Hot showers 

Another inconvenient of hostels, you need to take your shower when nobody else does so you have hot water – forget mornings and evenings, too crowded. So I washed myself more than once with cold – if not icy – water and it’s not my strong suit, I’ll admit.

I can’t wait to return to my beloved bathroom and take showers as long as I want, not being concerned by troubling anyone or by taking all of the hot water.

Safety of my belongings

Unfortunately, I recently experienced the feeling of being robbed – frustration both toward yourself and toward the rubber, and a feeling of powerlessness. While I know that my belongings aren’t totally safe at home, although robbery isn’t that common where I live – Canada remember -, it’s nothing in comparison to the high rate of hostels.

At home, I am not afraid of letting my backpack on the floor or my cellphone on my bed while I am not at the hostel. Actually, I have never really felt that way either in hostels – when you see that everyone let their suitcase or valuables in sight of everyone, you don’t think that you’re going to be the one to be rob – but because of that incident, I did lose trust in other traveler. I don’t think that I am ever going to stay at hostels where lockers aren’t provided.


Now that I’ve finished writing this article, I just realised that those are things that I miss from home mainly because I am traveling on a really tight budget. Hot showers, decent Internet connection and safety for my belongings wouldn’t be a problem if I was staying in a hotel every night or even if I had a bigger budget for accomodation. However, these are still things that I get used to miss from home.


What about you? What do you miss the most when you’re traveling?

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