From Eastbourne to the Seven Sisters

Brighton – where I currently am – is surrounded by the South Downs National Park. Surely I would be pleased by one of the many hikes offered. One full of charming villages, of amazing landscapes, of animals. I started to look on Google, and one always popped up : Beachy Head.It didn’t take me more than 10 seconds to decide that this was the one that I would like to do.


And I surely didn’t regret it !

I arrived at Eastbourne Pier, knowing that there was a lot to do in that town. But, no time for me to stay here much longer. I have read that the hike could take a few hours, and I was already running late. Next time, maybe.

I followed the path that leads to the hills. Even at the beginning of the hike, the view was breathtaking. From there, I could see sailors away, and people on the beach, I had an overview of Eastbourne, and a little glimpse of what I was about to see today.

Then I saw it, engraved in a wood plank : Beachy Head.

Eastbourne by the mountain

“Look at these white cliffs”, I said to my boyfriend, Simon.

It’s not the first time that I see cliffs. But white cliffs, yes. So I stopped to capture as many photos as possible. Few steps, stop, photos. Few steps, stop, photos. I must have  twenty-something photos of the exact same spot.

The view up there is truly gorgeous. The cliffs are overlooking a red and white lighthouse. You can hear the waves, crashing against the coast. You have a view of the blue water of the English Channel, and birds are whirling around us.


One hour later, I was still climbing up and down the hills, taking it easy, watching the sheeps – some going freely -, and taking photos of them of course.

Then, I finally get to see partly what I was here for : The Seven Sisters. Impossible to miss. They stand proudly along the coast with their white cliffs… And it was definitely more crowded.


I started my ascent, and my way down, and again, and again for, well, seven times… Obviously.

And, honestly, I couldn’t believe it. Whilst I was climbing and exhauted, some were doing there jogging… With a backpack !! I know I’m not the fittest person in the world, but I do exercise on a weekly basis, and no chance I would run here, the hills are so steep. Incredible !

Half my way on the Seven Sisters, I set up the picnic I brought with me, sat down, and just enjoyed the view. “What an amazing day”, I told myself.

After 5 hours of hiking, my legs couldn’t follow me no more, I ended my journey in the Seven Sisters National Park.



Beachy Head is from Seaford to Eastbourne, passing by the Seven Sisters National Park. You can start from both sides of even at the beginning of the National Park.

If you are going by car, there’s a route all along the coast that you can follow. Many stops, and parking lots are on the way so you can go from one to another if you’re not into hiking.

If you’re going by bus from Brighton, Beachy Head is easily accessible. Buses 12, 12A and 12X are all passing by Seaford, the Seven Sisters National Park and Eastbourne (latest stop if you would like to start there – Eastbourne Pier). You can either pay when you get in the bus or online/on the application B&H buses – which is the least expensive way. A one-day ticket cost 4.70£, and you can take whichever buses, whenever you like. I will let you be the judge of that, but bus 12X is said to be having the most scenic route of all !

Did you ever hike the Beachy Head route ? If so, what was your first impression ? 

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