My First Blog Post : About Me, My Plans And My Blog

Welcome to My Postcard Subsitute !

It has been a while that I’m thinking about launching my own travel blog. I’ve travelled a bit in the past few years and I’m now ready to share with you my experiences and a few tips that I’ve learned since I started to travel in 2014. But first, I think introductions are in order.Β Let’s have a look at who I am, what are my plans for the near future, and what are my expectations for this blog. Shall we?


My name is Jessica. I am currently 23 years old. I started to travel in 2014 with a 2 and a half months trip in Europe. I did travelled before, but never alone or without my parents or schoolgroups which is why I count 2014 as an important year for me.

I have an infinite passion for travels. Everyone who knows me know that I spend the majority of my time looking for cheap tickets or wandering about my next adventure. When I am not travelling, I am reading, enjoying a world created by someone else, which definitely count as travelling for me. So I guess I’m all about travels because I see it in different ways. Everytime I’m out to explore what the world as to offer, from tasty food to street art, passing by hiking and culture show, I count it as an adventure.

What else ? I am from Montreal, Canada. I have a love affair with London. I’m always looking for the best hot chocolate in town. I kicked off 2017 with my first solo trip and my first trip to Asia… Both at once !


While I’m writing this, I’m in Brighton, UK. It has been two weeks of our three months trip that my boyfriend and I are in the United Kingdom. We already hit London and Oxford, and Edinburgh is next on the list. After what, we are going south to get some warmth, heading to Spain – which is going to be a first time there for me -and Portugal. We are going back home after a short trip in Ireland, and that’s pretty much what I am up to until the end of the year.Β For the moment, I know which countries I will be travelling in and how long I will be there, but our bookings aren’t completely done.


On My Postcard Substitute, I want to share with you my adventures (or misadventures, depending on how it goes) and my favourite places, my budget travel tips and my itineraries. More than that, I hope that My Postcard Substitute will be a place where you can travel too !

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